Episode 6

Published on:

19th Oct 2021

Hemp Regulation Continues to Change

Martin and Adam discuss recent changes in hemp regulation that will impact consumers. This episode was recorded live on HAPPS.TV on October 17, 2021. Thanks for listening to the show.

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Episode 6 (40 minutes) was recorded at 10 PM CET, on October 17, 2021, with Happs. Post-production through Auphonic.

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About the Podcast

High Five for Hemp
Exploring the use of industrial hemp around the planet.
Co-hosts, Martin and Adam share their personal journeys and explorations on the use of the Cannabis Sativa plant, e.g., CBD oil, and hemp capsules.

We talk about the different uses of industrial hemp and medical marijuana products becoming more available to mass markets, what is going on with the research and development in this field, the historical cultivation of hemp, new small business opportunities for the future, and having a discourse on the rules and laws regarding the production of industrial hemp, ("crack")pot politics, legalization, etc.

We will also invite guests and experts in the field, to the show. We are also interested in talking with fellow content creators and podcasters, potential partners, and sponsors for the show.
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Martin Lindeskog

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Creator, ✍🏻 Tea Book Sketches. Indie Biz Philosopher ⚛️ & New Media 📲 Advisor, TeaParty.Media. Blogger since 2002 and podcaster🎙since 2006. First podcast: EGO NetCast. Latest podcast: High Five for Hemp. Support💲my work: https://url.bio/lyceum

Adam Tinkoff

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Hemp advocate and cannabis enthusiast for more than 40 years. Adam lives in San Diego, California and travels often throughout Mexico.